Pet cameras are becoming increasingly mainstream and less for ‘that one friend who loves their cat too much’. As these cameras become more popular, finding which one is best can be an overwhelming task. To make it easier we’ve created this easy to compare review table allowing you to easily see which cameras sport certain features, like HD wide-lens video, photo capture, 2-way audio, night vision, treat throwing and so on. Continue scrolling past the table for our individual reviews and top picks.

Pet Camera Reviews – Comparison Table

Image Name Audio Video Features Price Amazon Rating
Petcube Play Petcube Play 2-way
+ Noise Alerts
HD 1080p
3x digital zoom
Laser toy 4.2
73 reviews
Furbo Dog Camera Furbo Dog Camera 2-way
+ Barking Alerts
HD 720p
4x digital zoom
Treat dispenser 4.1
212 reviews
Petzi Treat Cam Petzi Treat Cam 1-way SD
digital zoom
Treat dispenser 4.0
372 reviews
Petchatz - Dog Camera Petchatz HD 2-way
+ Noise Alerts
2-way HD
digital zoom
Treat dispenser
Call button for pet
Scent dispenser
42 reviews
Petcube Petcube 2-way HD 720p
digital zoom
Laser toy 3.6
651 reviews
Motorola Pet Scout66 Motorola Pet Scout66 2-way HD
digital zoom
Temperature monitor 3.2
90 reviews
Pawbo Pet Cam Pawbo Pet Cam 2-way HD 720p
digital zoom
Laser toy
Sound effects
Treat dispenser
104 reviews
Playdate pet toy and camera Playdate Ball Camera 2-way HD
digital zoom
Controllable Ball Toy
Squeek Button

Our Favorite Dog Cameras

When deciding upon which camera to choose for your dog, it really depends on what features you are after. Is the camera to simply monitor your dog, do you wish to interact with them, do you only want to control their barking, are you interested in the latest iOS & Android functionality, do you require night-vision functionality, or are you simply interested in capturing some of your pets antics in high definition. Whatever you require there is something for you on this list.

Furbo Dog Cam Review

Furbo Dog Camera Price Review

If you’re looking for a treat-throwing, interactive camera for your dog then this seems to be the hands-down winner. The Furbo dog cam features a HD 720p, wide-angle cam with infrared for low-light situations. Additionally, the camera can notify you when your dog is barking. It can pick up the difference between normal ambient noise and a dogs bark and will send an immediate notification to your smartphone. So if barking is your main concern, the Furbo is the way to go. The treat-throwing mechanism seems to be the most innovative we’ve come across and the product even comes with added Apple Watch functionality and sports an extremely modern design.
Read the full Furbo Dog Camera Review here.

The Good The Bad
HD wide-angle camera with night vision & digital zoom
Best treat-throwing mechanism on the market
Flawless modern design
Barking Alerts
Apple Watch app

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Petcube Play Review

Petcube Play Price Review

The second-generation Petcube Play comes with many new improvements on the first Petcube and has the one of the highest amazon rating across on the market. Being the only second-generation product on the market is a huge advantage, because it has been given the time and energy needed to iron out any kinks or major problems. The Petcube Play is the only camera that features HD 1080p streaming,  along with the widest angle lens (138 degrees) on the market. It features noise and motion alerts, however cannot distinguish between ambient noise and barking like the Furbo. It features a laser dot toy that you can control from your smartphone, instead of the traditional treat-throwing feature.
Read the full Petcube Play Camera Review here.

The Good The Bad
1080p HD wide-angle camera with night vision & digital zoom Laser toy can be a little finicky and hard to use
Laser Toy
Small, compact, modern design
Motion and Noise Alerts
Can be coupled with Petcube Bites if you want to throw treats as well

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Petzi Treat Cam Review

Petzi Treat Cam Price Review

The Petzi Treat Cam is one of the most popular treat-throwing cameras on the market, with nearly 400 Amazon reviews, more than any of its competitors. It is also exceptionally well-reviewed on the Amazon store with a 4.0 rating. The Petzi features a standard definition camera with infrared capabilities however no wide-angle or digital zoom. The Petzi only features 1-way audio, so you won’t be able to hear your pet, or receive any barking or motion alerts, which is slowly becoming the industry standard among its competitors.
Read the full Petzi Tream Cam Review here.

The Good The Bad
Wide-angle camera with Night Vision Only 1-way audio
Excellent and reliable treat throwing mechanism No motion or noise alerts
Mountable out of the box.
Extremely quick setup
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Petchatz HD Review

Petchatz Camera Price Review

The Petchatz HD is one of the newer products on the market and has some of the most unique features we’ve seen. It is the most expensive device we’ve reviewed, however is the only device that features 2-way video. That’s right! Now your bountiful litter of dogs and cats can see you too. That said, my dog never recognises me on webcam video, so I’m not sure how recognisable you’ll be on a screen this small. This device is packed full of unique features, such as a button that your dog or cat can use to call you, as well as customisable scent pads to entice your pet even further.
Read the full Petchatz HD Review here.

The Good The Bad
2-way HD Video with low-light functionality Expensive, about 2x the price of its competitors
Excellent and reliable treat throwing mechanism Required to use Petchatz branded treats/canisters
Mountable out of the box. Lack of portability and short power cord
Scent Pads
Motion and Sound Alerts
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Petcube Camera Review

The Petcube is the first generation pet camera if its predecessor, the Petcube Play. It comes in at $50 cheaper than the Petcube Play, however only features a 720p quality camera, lacks night vision and is slightly less compact. Still, the Petcube Camera is one of the cheapest on the market, and is still one of the most popular Pet Cameras available. It features a whopping 900 reviews on the Amazon marketplace and averages a 3.5 rating.

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Motorola Pet Scout66 Review

The motorola pet scout is probably the cheapest pet camera on the market, and comes in at less than half the cost of some of the others above. That said, the device features no interactive play toy elements like treat tossing or laser interaction. Perhaps you have no intention of using those features anyway, and if that’s the case then this could be a great cheaper alternative for your needs. The Pet Scout still features HD video, crystal-clear 2-way audio as well as motion alerts/captures and temperature monitoring.

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Pawbo Pet Cam Review

The Pawbo Pet Cam is a relatively well-reviewed product and appears to be one of the most popular pet cams on the market, with over 100 reviews on Amazon. It features more interactive play elements than any of it’s competitors, including a treat dispenser, laser toy and sound effects all combined into one. It also features the industry standard of two-way audio communication, and 720p video recording.

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Playdate Ball Camera Review

While still not commercially available, the Playdate has generated a tonne of funds and attention on Indiegogo, raising over $700,000, as the worlds first pet camera in a smart ball. The playdate will allow you to control an interactive play ball from anywhere, using your mobile phone as a control. The live HD video has a stabilizing camera, making it easy to watch your pet as you play with them, and you can either further interact with them with the two-way audio functionality. The app also makes it easy to take photo or video captures during your sessions. If you’re worried about the device lasting, the ball features an extremely durable outer polycarbonate shell, that can be removed and replaced at will.