The days are long gone where technology is simply limited to people. You can now equip your pets with the latest hi-tech GPS tracking collars and devices. Take a look at our hand-picked, top-reviewed GPS pet collars for your dogs and cats below. Companies continue to innovate and many of the collars you’ll find below feature some fantastic features.  Super-long battery life, ultra-durable waterproof material, activity monitoring and fencing perimeters – just to name a few. You’ll even be able to keep track of your pets movements and activities from your mobile phone and watch apps. Take a look and compare the top-reviewed GPS pet collars below.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle Pet Tracker Review

The Whistle GPS Pet tracker is built by the US company behind Fitbit. Although it features nation-wide GPS coverage, the device will fail to work outside of the US. The Whistle is packed full of features – including Live GPS tracking, location alerts, and even the ability to set custom Whistle zones. It also allows you to track your pets activity levels throughout the day, and permits multi-pet functionality. The device is durable, waterproof, and features an impressive battery life. The company claims it will last 10 days on only a one hour charge.

The Whistle features a moderately positive rating of 3.2 out of 5 on Amazon, however some users have previously complained about lag and accuracy issues of the GPS alerts. The subscription will cost you between $6.99 and $9.99 per month, depending on your data plan.

Pod 2 GPS + WiFi Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

Pod 2 - GPS Pet Tracker

The Pod 2 GPS Pet Tracker is one of the smallest and lightweight GPS collars on the market, weighing in at only 28 grams. It can be easily attached to your pets collar allowing you to easily locate your pet on demand. The Pod 2 also offers escape alerts for your fence perimeters and activity monitoring. Unlike some its competitors, the Pod 2 will work on a global stage, offering support for 175 countries around the world. It features mostly positive reviews on the Amazon store with 3.2 out of 5 stars.

The device is fully waterproof, durable and its rechargeable batteries offer up to 6 days battery life. Subscription is free for the first year! However will cost $49/year after that.

$199 (free 1st year subscription) • View on Amazon •

WÜF Smart Dog Collar

WÜF Smart Dog Collar

The WÜF is one of the newest products coming up on the market, and one we are quite excited for. It’s not expected to be released until Summer 2017 however has already racked up a fair bit of attention. The WÜF will come in three colours and various sizes depending on the size of your dog. The device will feature 3G GPS tracking in more than 200 countries and will sport an ultra-durable, waterproof design. Two-way audio will also be introduced in this groundbreaking device, allowing you to effectively call your pet if they run off.

The WÜF will feature activity tracking, virtual fencing and even something called invisible leashing. Invisible leashing allows you take your dog off the leash where ever you may go – hiking, trekking, skiing, or just to the park. Simply set a distance from yourself, and it will inform you when the dog travels outside of your range. It is also supposedly going to be fully upgradable, so you will always have the latest version of the software. Best of all the device has no subscription fee, so you don’t have to worry about annoying monthly payments.

$164 (no subscription) • Preorder Stage •

Nuzzle Pet Activity and Pet Tracker

Nuzzle - GPS Pet Collar

The Nuzzle GPS Collar brings you latest high-precision GPS tracking in a latest in stylish, durable and waterproof design. In fact, it’s been so popular they have ran out of stock and promise supply back by March 2017. The collar itself features GPS, 3G cell connectivity, bluetooth connectivity, activity monitor, and geofencing. The Nuzzle comes in two sizes and colours, and even ships with a recharging station. The device comes with an extra rechargeable battery so you always have a battery ready to switch over when the other dies. The battery boasts a 5 day life.

The Nuzzle has no monthly subscription data costs – ever. One thing to note however, is that this device will currently only support GPS tracking in the US.

$190 (no subscription) • View on Amazon •

Tabcat Cat Tracker

Tabcat - Cat Tracker

The Tabcat is designed with your cat in mind and can help you find your kitty within a range of 122 metres, with extreme accuracy. Instead of connecting to your mobile app and offering you GPS tracking, the Tabcat simply uses radio frequency to display signals on a LED sensor remote that comes with the collar device. The device is specifically built for cats and is extremely small and lightweight, meaning your cat will never even know its on. If you’re curious, it weighs in at a whopping 6 grams! Another advantage is that there is no need to pay a subscription or use any fancy technology to find your pet. Simply walk around your house or yard and use the beeper to find your cat down to the nearest centimetre (allegedly).

The Tabcat comes with two trackers, two splash-proof cases and one receiver handset. You can even train your cat to come home with a beeping noise that can be activated from the handset. Oh and did we mention the battery lasts up to an entire year!

KYON Pet Tracker

KYON Pet Tracker

The upcoming KYON is one of the most innovative GPS Pet trackers we’ve reviewed. The waterproof collar does more than most other collars on the market and can detect changes in temperature and sense water. This allows you to instantly receive alerts if your pet is in danger of drowning, or overheating in a car. The KWON also alerts you if your dog is barking or about to fight with another dog, which then allows you to trigger an ultrasonic ‘pacifier’ to deter them.

The KWON features an ultra-thin, stylish design and the rechargeable battery lasts a whopping 30 days. It is literally packed full of the latest innovative technology and even features a customisable LED display to improve communication between yourself and your dog. The KWON will come in 3 sizes and 7 colours, so there will definitely be a combination to suit your dog. They are due to ship to the public in March 2017.

$249 • Preorder Stage •