The Petcube Play, although just a reinvigorated version of the popular first generation Petcube, really stands alone with some phenomenal features and improvements that make it one of the most attractive choices in the Pet Camera market. It is currently one of the few, if not only, products to have a second-gen iteration. This means it has had a chance to follow up on user complaints and suggestions, giving it a technical advantage over its competitors. The product is one of the most reliable and well-reviewed on the amazon market and is one of the top choices. Read on for the entire Petcube Play Review.


If you’re like me you’ll want a well-designed product that is modern but still practical. We believe the entire user experience should be enjoyably seamless, fun and of course, quick. Petcube Play most definitely delivers here and setting it not only easy, but fun. If you watch the video above you’ll see just how easy it is and get a feel for the entire process. Browsing through Amazon reviews of the product, it’s hard to find any negative comments regarding the setup process, with some users stating the entire process from unboxing to use took less than 15 minutes.

Inside the box you will find the following:

1 x Petcube Play Camera
1 x Power Charger
1 x USB Charger
1 x User Manual
3 x Petcube Stickers (their logo is also really cool)

We love the minimal, modern and small design of the Petcube Play, and it’s actually quite impressive how many superior features it includes, considering many of its competitors are more than twice its size. It comes in a variety of colours which you can see below, including Carbon Black, Matte Silver, and Rose Gold.

Petcube Play Color Varieties - Carbon Black, Matte Silver, and Rose Gold


The Petcube Play is currently the one of the only interactive pet cameras on the market with a high definition 1080p lens. Not only that but the lens packs a very capable night vision mode as well as 3x digital zoom. It also boasts an incredible wide-angle 138 degree view. So if it’s high quality live video you’re after, look no further than this product. If you scroll through reviews for this product you will find an overwhelming number of reviews on it’s superior video and picture quality.

“The HD video is quite apparent. The quality of the image and video is much improved! There is no fuzziness to the images anymore, and everything is clean and crisp.” Verified Amazon Purchaser

Here are some shots of what you can expect with the camera in both normal mode and night-vision mode.

petcube play night vision - cats

Courtesy of a verified purchaser from Amazon.

petcube play normal mode

Courtesy of a verified purchaser from Amazon.



When it comes to the audio of the Petcube Play, it seems to once again be one of the market leaders. The occasional purchaser has commented on some audio lag, and others have small suggestions asking for improvements in echo management for ambient or empty rooms. However these small audio issues seem to be much more prevalent in other pet cameras, and anyone that seems to have a complaint with the Petcube Play, notes it as a minor inconvenience, over an actual problem. The microphone sensitivity can be overcome by testing your device and setting it up at some distance. The 2-way high quality audio on this product should not disappoint.


The Laser Toy seems to be where the Petcube Play is receiving the most (and perhaps only) complaints. While the laser works and is quite a cool feature, many users have had trouble calibrating it, noting it is quite laggy and inaccurate at times. That said, to buy a camera based purely on the functionality of a laser pointer may be, in my opinion, a little obtuse. If you are after this product purely for it’s laser functionality, you may be slightly disappointed and should seek out other options.


The Petcube Play boasts some very sleek, modern and clean user interfaces for both it’s iOS and Android operating systems. Before purchasing a Petcube product you can actually download the app and interact with other ‘public’ profiled pets. Some pet shelters are equipped with Petcube cameras so you can have a go at playing around with the mobile apps here before purchasing a product yourself. This feature also comes in useful if you wish to grant your own camera special access to certain family members or friends. They simply need to download the app, access permissions and they can start playing with your pet. The app comes complete with push notifications that you can be setup with motion and sound alerts.

Mobile Interface - Petcube Play Review


The Petcube Play comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. 24/7 technical support is also included and quite useful if you encounter any problems setting up your device.

The Petcube Play also comes with an optional subscription called Petcube Care, which allows you store all your live video in the cloud for a certain amount of time. This comes in useful if you want to go back and see what your pets have been up to, or in other scenarios. If for example you were burglarised, you could check the footage for information on the culprit.

The Petcube Care costs $10/month if you only want to store the last 10 days of video footage. While it will cost $30/month to store the previous 30 days. We think the $10/month is a pretty good value here as you’re rarely going to be scrolling through over 10 days worth of video footage to find an event.


The Petcube Play has taken an already great product and perfected it that little bit more. It’s one of the only cameras on the market with 1080p HD, wide-angle, digital zoom lens. It is designed with the user in mind, is very easy to use, and has the highest reviewed pet camera on the market. If you’re after a dog or cat camera with video, audio, ease of use, all in a device that’s half the size of it’s competitors, look no further than this product. You can even compliment the Petcube Play, with the new Petcube Bites. The Petcube Bites launches treats alongside the camera.

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