The Petchatz Pet Cam is one of the newer products on the market and features a tonne of unique features. It is the only device on the market that features 2-way video, so that your pet is able to see you too. Some other unique features include customisable scent pads, a mountable design, motion/sound detection alerts and an optional Petchatz Pawcall button, which allows your pet to call you (additional price) . The Petchatz, while the most expensive on the market, features more premium features than any of its competitors. It features quite a robust, quality and modern design and comes highly recommended by both us, however features some mixed reviews on Amazon with a 3.2 rating.


The Petchatz HD Cam is extremely well designed and manages to fit in tonnes of features while still keeping a minimal, modern design. The front of the device alone features multiple LED alerts, motion detectors, treat release, low-light camera, a full-colour LCD display, microphones and scent dispensers. The Petchatz HD is mountable out of the box however you’ll want to mount it close to a powerpoint, given it’s short power adapter. Or of course, you could simply use an extension cord, or run the wires through the inside of the wall to ensure the product still looks good without long wires and extension cords. One other neat quality is the ability for the camera to be places directly on top of an electrical outlet.

The Design of the Petchatz is quite a bit larger than some of it’s competitors and weighs in at around 5 pounds. Additionally, the product dimensions measure 4 x7 x 11 inches.

Petchatz HD Unboxing and Design

Inside the box you will find the following:

1 x Petchatz HD Cam
1 x 8 inch Power Adapter
1 x User Manual
1 x Scent Pads
1 x Calming Scent Oils

The setup of the product was relatively easy however will take a little longer than other installations. Because the design doesn’t allow you to simply sit it on the shelf or floor, you will have to mount it onto a wall or another surface (unless you purchase a useable stand). To mount it properly over the electrical socket you’ll need to drill into the wall and area surrounding the electrical wires. So be sure to turn off your power before you start drilling. After you have mounted it all you will have to do is plug it in, download the Petchatz app and follow the on-screen app instructions to connect the device to wifi.

Most of the negative reviews on Amazon are related to the setup of the product, with many users complaining about the app and product crashing, as well as further system update requirements out of the box. However we didn’t experience any issues and believe most of these issues have since be rectified.


PetChatz HD Features Diagram


Surprise surprise, The Petchatz HD comes with HD video, however unlike all of it’s competitors it features 2-way video, allowing your pets to see you. This is of course if your pets are adept enough to see you, and I’m a little skeptical most pets would even be able to recognise a persons face out on a smallish screen.

The video is extremely crisp and better than most of the other products out there when it comes to quality. That said, it does not feature a wide-angle lens or digital zoom, while a lot of the newer products like the Furbo or Petcube Play have started to implement these.


The HD audio works as expected and is crisp and easy to understand on both ends, not that you’ll really be able to understand your dog.


The Petchatz HD treat throwing feature is slightly different to its competitors and offers a canister that is supposedly meant to hold Petchatz official treats. You purchase the canisters and then slot them into the device upside down. They recommend only using their treats, which some customers may find annoying, especially if your dog is fussy and likes a certain flavour or brand of treat. The mechanism also isn’t as fun as the Furbo, which features a light and sound, and then shoots it out for your dog to catch. The Petchatz simply just drops the treat on the ground.

Here is the how the Petchatz treat canisters look as well as their nutritional information.

Petchatz Treats and Nutritional Information


The Petchatz Cam also come with ‘calming scent pads’ for your dogs or cats, which is a feature we’ve yet to see anywhere else. We’re not exactly sure what the purpose of these are, but apparently you can train your dog to recognise and react to different or personalised scents. While this seems to be a cool feature, to us it feels a little like overkill and I’ve yet to find anyone who has achieved any results with them, not that I know what a positive result would even look in this case. Still, if your dog is a little erratic, perhaps these essential oils may help in some way.


Petchatz hd mobile screenshotIt should be stated upfront that the Petchatz HD does not yet have an Android mobile app, so we would only recommend purchasing the device if you have an iOS capable device. You can however supplement a lack of Apple device, by using the web app and login which can be accessed at

The iOS app features quite negative feedback on the apple marketplace with a lot of users complaining of frequent crashing and freezing and currently sits on a 2-star overall rating. That said, they have been rolling out more updates lately to try to combat the issues users are experiencing, and we expect this to start rising.

The iOS design is quite intuitive as you can see on the left. You can easily toggle audio, play sounds and ringtones to alert your pet, dispense treats and even record video of your pets interacting with the camera.


The Petchatz also has an optional Pawcall, which is a button that allows your pet to call you. This product costs an additional $99.99 which is quite expensive. You will also have to train your pet how to use it, and we have yet to have any feedback on how easy that might be.

Petchatz Pawcall


The Petchatz comes with a 1-year warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product.


The Petzi features further motion and sound alerts which will send you mobile notifications if anything looks out of ordinary back at the house. You can also set up ringtones, which are unique sounds that let your pet know when you are trying to get their attention or give them a treat.


The Petchatz, while not the most favourably reviewed on Amazon, is still one of the best products on the market. We believe it has suffered quite average feedback in its previous iterations however if you look at their most recent reviews, they are generally always positive. If it’s features you’re after, than look no further than this product. Featuring HD 2-way video, HD 2-way audio, treat dispenser, motion alerts, ringtones, scents, optional call buttons, and mountable design, we believe that you certainly get your value for your money.

One of its main drawbacks may be the lack of portability, as it is almost a requirement to mount the device with tools, and can not simply stand it up or move it easily between rooms in your house. It is also very expensive, so if you’re not going to use most of its unique features we might recommend buying a cheaper alternative that’s easier to set up. The product has also managed to rack up a few negative reviews regarding a troublesome setup and buggy mobile app, however we think these are starting to be fixed.

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